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Town Centre & Regeneration


The Former Market Hall and Dolphin Centre site

Bromsgrove Town Centre and Regeneration

An architect-led professional team has been appointed to design a feasible, deliverable and commercially viable scheme for this prime site in Bromsgrove Town Centre. Proposals are anticipated by September 2020.

Bromsgrove Retail Park

IM Properties have invested circa £4 million in redeveloping the existing 30,000 square feet of retail space at Bromsgrove retail park to create a number of smaller, more flexible units on the site, which will be designed to attract well-known, retailers to the town centre.

Lidl and Food Bargains are now fully operational on the site.

Aldi and Stourbridge Rd Car Park

The new Aldi on Birmingham road is now open for business. On the adjacent, Bromsgrove owned car park, a planning application has been submitted by the developers, Cordwell, for a new McDonalds drive through restaurant.

This application will be considered by Bromsgrove Members later this year.

Development Sites

There are a number of predominantly housing,-led developments coming forward in Bromsgrove, which will provide significant numbers of new residents for the town.

In terms of the employment sites, the main focus is currently on the Bromsgrove Enterprise Park, which has been developed in phases over a long period of time. 

NWedR and Bromsgrove District Council are currently discussing the potential for further commercial units at the site with the landowner Langtree

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