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Our mission

The purpose of NWedR is simple, it is to promote and enable growth and development within North Worcestershire; the natural environment for business.

  • Encouraging and facilitating inward investment
  • Supporting development of key sites and investment in infrastructure
  • Providing business support and opportunities to engage
  • Connecting people to employment and training

Our Board

Each of the three local authorities we represent has a Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Regeneration. These Councillors along with the Chief Executives and relevant Senior Officer of each Council make up our Board, along with the Head of NWedR.


Our Team

We have a small multi-skilled team to deliver on our remit – to drive economic regeneration and development in our town and rural areas, advise and support businesses, help shape strategic skills and employment, manage our local business centres and engage and communicate with our business community.

NWedR is highly visible and present in the local business community. It is a customer facing team which gets involved with businesses at grass roots level.  We promote local success stories and provide a resource for business editors as well as informing potential investors of our services.

We recognise that everything we do sits in the context of partnership working. Our key strategic partners include Worcestershire Country Council, Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (WLEP), Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP), West Midlands Combined Authority, and on an operational basis, we are proud to work with a multitude of partners to deliver great results for North Worcestershire.

Connect with us

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