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Transformation of Kidderminster Town Centre 18 February 2019

The Council has made clear its commitment to transform Kidderminster town centre and is spending £2m with Worcestershire county council on improving the public realm to create a better visitor experience.

Bull Ring 1 WW Bull Ring 2 WW Canalside View WW

Updates on the transformation of Kidderminster Town Centre

Update 24.3.16

Work continues to progress outside the Town Hall with the blocks to the penny black square looking really lovely. The fan detail in the blocks is starting to be laid with the contrasting white bands as depicted on the penny black stamp. Paving continues along oxford street and Exchange street and the contractors are now finishing off the space between the Town Hall and the former Brinton’s building.

20160324Fan Paving - Small

20160324Outsdie Town Hall 2 - Small

20160324Outside Town Hall - Small

20160324Outside Town Hall 3 - Small

20160324Public Realm - Small

20160324Roland Hill - Small

Update 15.12.15

The new record stack seating is being installed today.  Already looking at home in the town centre.

Record Stacks 1


Record Stacks 2


Record Stacks 3

Update 24.11.2015

The guitar benches are being installed today.  They already look like the Grand Designs of benches!

 Seating Going In 1Small

Seating Going In 7Small

Seating Going In 5Small


Seating Going In 3Small

Seating Going In 1Small (1)

Update 10.11.2015

Look out for the brand new guitar benches and record stacks being installed on Vicar Street and High Street.  Paving work is planned to be complete by middle of December except for a small area outside the British Heart Foundation which will be completed as soon as the new materials arrive. A temporary surface will be put down in the meantime.

Work is set to start on Phase 3 – outside the Town Hall/Exchange Street – on week commencing 16 November. Exchange Street itself will not be closed off until early in the New Year to make sure that shoppers have a clear space for their Christmas shopping!

Exchange Place

Update 01.10.2015

Work on the new sandstone paving outside the Swan Centre (where High Street and Vicar Street join) continues. Our contractors had some unforeseen problems and some of the paving is being re-laid so that it meets the quality we expect.  This will not incur any additional cost to the Council.

The new street lamps are now being installed in Vicar Street and High Street. When the paving was laid, our contractors pre-prepared the holes ready to accommodate the new lamp posts when they arrived. The lamps were not installed first as the delivery lead time would have held up the overall project. This work has not incurred any additional cost to the Council.

Look out for the new vinyl stack seating that will be installed soon outside the Swan Centre. The seats have been specially designed to reflect the music heritage of the town and will be part of the new Music Heritage Trail due to be launched next summer.



Update 02.09.2015

Work continues outside the Swan Centre laying the sand stone blocks. The new recessed drain cover are now been fitted.

Some areas still need to be smoothed over with a wacker plate to even them off, this is done once a large area has been completed. Work will continue in this area for the rest of the month.




Update 05.08.2015

Vicar St 1 Web


The paving along Vicar Street and High Street has almost been completed with the exception of the final snagging. New manhole covers will be fitted and the paving surrounding them will be finished off at the same time.

Lighting columns will be removed and new columns installed at a later date to be confirmed. The paving in these areas will be finished off too.

Our contractors are now focusing on the square outside the Swan centre. The paving in this area is sandstone,  so the change in colour and texture looks very striking. Work on this area is expected to be completed in September before moving onto the area outside the Town Hall.

The foundation blocks for the first of two guitar neck style benches can be seen on site, these benches not only provide seating but also act as flood defences for the shops along Vicar Street which could potentially be at risk from flooding after heavy rain fall. The base of the seats would deflect the surface water which would run off into the new drains.



Vicar St 2 WebCorner High St And Vicar St WebSwan Centre Web 1

Update 19.07.2015

New Paving WebThe majority of paving works along Vicar street and High Street has now been completed. The contractors are now focusing on the square outside the Swan Centre. A walkway which runs either side of the work area provides access to all shops.

Work will continue in this area until the end of September.